3 Ways To Style Your Prom Dress For A Night To Remember!

Is your prom night coming up? We’re sure you’re excited! After all, this is the night you celebrate completing high school after four years of hard work, sleepless nights, and cramming to maintain your grades to get into the colleges of your choice.

The stress of putting together a stunning and cohesive look is undeniable, which is exactly why we’re here to help you out. Here are three bewitching looks that you can pull off for prom, along with dress suggestions and ways to style them. Have a great night!

Loud and Bold—Satin Formal Dress—NEXT, By Tarik Ediz

We know that you want to bring your best and fullest self to the prom, and if bold, red, and loud is your personal style, so be it! If you haven’t found the perfect dress that speaks to you, try on this satin beauty by the celebrated formal wear and gown designer, Tarik Ediz.

One of the best ways to style a dress like this is to let it do all the talking while bringing the color out with gold accessories. To balance the long flowy nature of the dress, go for bun hairstyles with a flowers or braid theme.  Another, more formal up-do is the classic chignon, if you want to keep things subtle with the rest of your accessories.

But since prom night is your chance to celebrate and rejoice after all those nights of cramming for the perfect SAT scores and keeping up your grades, we suggest you let loose and wear what you feel best in.

Coming to the makeup, one of the best ways to balance out the brightness would be to opt for a more natural look with a brighter lip, keeping it classy and elegant. Finally, finish it off with some blingy gold heels, and you’re done!

True Princess—Midi Party Dress—Jadore

Like to keep things simple, sophisticated, and elegant? Do you avoid drawing too much attention to yourself? We’re feeling some classy princess vibes—and guess what, we love it! Subtle doesn’t have to be boring! To get started with your pretty and elegant look, let’s try this stunning midi party dress by Jadore. As a midi-dress, off-the-shoulder dress in a blushy, powder pink, this will make sure to keep your look youthful, classy, and elegant—all at the same time.

One of the best things about this dress is that it isn’t “too much,” and hence, it leaves the door open for however you want to style it. If you want to let your hair down and use pearl barrettes in, this dress is more than accommodating.

Since the neck area is left open to choice, you can opt to jazz it up with a bolder neckpiece or keep thing consistent with a minimalist gemstone necklace (Opal or moonstone could be two great options) You can also add in studs in your ears, and complete the jewelry with a sterling silver wrist piece.

Finish off the whole look with some elegant silver heels, and finally, whether you chose to wear the accessories suggested in this post or not, be sure to wear your brightest, most genuine smile. You’ve earned this night!

Glamazon—Beaded Illusion—Jovani

Love sugar, spice, and everything nice, but don’t want to go too loud or too bright? Forget about blending in; you were built to stand out. This sparkly, beaded dress by Jovani will be sure to bring out the glamazon in you, keep the night bedazzled, and turn all heads—all in a subtle nude shade, and a little bit of sparkle.

If this dress feels true to you, let’s get on with styling. First of all, a word about jewelry; since this dress is sparkly enough, huge and chunky jewelry might take some of its thunder away. A great way to balance this dress out is to go for a minimalist approach when it comes to jewelry—while still keeping things sparkly.

Try a diamond tennis bracelet with some stud earrings and a delicate necklace. If you really want to add up on the jewelry, minimalist rings are a safe option to turn to. But don’t worry about the jewelry because some sparkly gold eye makeup will make up for any lack of glamour.

Finally, add a touch of pale blush, slip into your favorite heels, and you’re all ready to have the most fun you’ve had in a while!

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