Every Woman Is a Princess

Ask any 4-year-old girl what she wants to be when she grows up, and she’ll probably say, “A princess.” Little girls see princesses everywhere: they watch princess movies, read books about Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, and wear tops with Ariel or Jasmine or Mulan on them.

When they grow up a bit, the backpack they took to school may have an image of their favourite princess printed on.

When we were growing up we admired princesses, too, fancy dresses and all. And let’s be honest, when you run errands all day, wearing some sort of a T-shirt and jeans, or spend half of your waking time wearing boring business or corporate attire - don’t you dream of being bedazzled sometimes?

Christian Dior said, “Deep in every heart slumbers a dream, and the couturier knows it: every woman is a princess.”

He was right.

But feeling like a princess means more than bling and glitter and whisking down the stairs in a floating ball gown.

To many women, it simply means feeling special. Wearing a silky soft, lacy dress designed for special occasions can make you feel special and take a mental break from busy and full-of-responsibilities life.

We have such a dress for you.


This is one of our favourite dresses, we think it’s gorgeous and very flattering - our customers think so, too.

Why do we like this dress so much?

To start with, there’s something enchanting about those flowing bell sleeves. It’s not a new idea, flared sleeves have been designed and redesigned many times in different cultures for centuries.

They were especially popular in the Middle Ages, and maybe that's a big part of their appeal - many people find medieval times fascinating. The fashion in the 70s was partly based on medieval clothes, and the bell sleeve trend is back again now.

We searched for dresses with flared sleeves that wouldn’t make you look like you’re going to a masquerade ball. Our Lace Dress with Flared Sleeves is a modernised version of the medieval princess dress or the bell-sleeve peasant blouses or dresses favoured in the 70s and in the early 2000s.

The scalloped neckline is the only other feature of this otherwise simple style.

We also like the deep, rich, jewel-like shade of burgundy, a perfect colour for this dress. Plus, burgundy is quite flattering for most women and suits almost every complexion beautifully.

If you want to be swept up in a fairy-tale romance, this is a dress for you. And you won’t even have to wear glass slippers to look and feel like a princess.