Got A Formal Event Coming Up? These Timeless Gowns Will Be Hard To Forget

Selecting a dress for a formal event can be a little bit tricky. You can’t dress too simply, or you might look like you haven’t made any effort, and you can’t overdress, or you risk being thought of as not respecting the nature of the event. Even though you can go a little bit on the fancier side with your dress and accessories, it is important to keep it as balanced as you possibly can.

Woman posing a photo in a light blue formal dress

If you’ve been having a tough time picking the right dresses for formal events from your existing dress collection and are looking to update it, you’re at the right place! In this post, we’re listing down three of our favorite dresses that are fit for formal events, business dinners, and corporate lunches.

Evening Dress—Jadore

Who said formal has to be boring? If you want to keep things dialed low, yet playful, girly, and super interesting, this evening dress by Jadore might catch your eye. A step away from the usual darks, blacks, and maroons, this dress is a refreshingly semi-formal evening number that will make sure to keep things light-hearted, yet straightforward.

A blue and white evening formal dress by Jadore

Featuring a round hem that is floor-length form the back and ends just above the knee from the front, this dress will show off quite a bit of your legs that you can use to your advantage. Style up with some strappy heels, or if you want to add a little to things, rub your favorite body glow on your legs to make them look more toned.

The dress is light and colorful, which means it can easily accommodate natural-looking, dewy, and light makeup, keeping the element of youth alive—after all, you don’t want to look older than you are. With this strapless dress, you can easily let your hair down and let the wind play with it while still keeping your composure and not looking too informal.

Style this dress with light jewelry to make sure things don’t get too attention-grabbing or loud, and you’re done! If you’re interested in getting to know more details and colors available in this dress, check them out here.

Fitted Jersey Gown—Cinderella Divine

A tea-pink fitted jersey gown by Cinderella Divine

Now, fun is great, but sometimes you need to go for something a little more elegant—something that highlights how important and valuable you are. A dress that does it subtly is an asset in the business world when it comes to dinner parties or events hosted by or for clients.

If you’re looking for a dress like that, you won’t go wrong with this stunning tea-pink mermaid gown by Cinderella Divine. The gown is made from the softest of jersey materials and will make anyone look graceful and sophisticated.

Pair this dress with delicate gold jewelry and light makeup, and you’re all done. The dress features a gorgeous V-neckline that shows off your neck area, letting you pick your choice of neckpiece. We suggest you go light because of the nature of the event. How about a peal string? Or even one with a small gemstone pendant that will really pull the entire look together without taking attention away from the dress.

Apart from this beautiful tea-pink, the dress is also available in burgundy, emerald, and navy, and is suitable for a range of other occasions like tea parties, bridal showers, and evening wear. Find out more about this dress here.

Burgundy Off-The-Shoulder Dress—Jovani

A formal dress by Jovani

Not in the mood to wear an elaborate gown, but you really want to look good? Try this burgundy knee-length dress by Jovani. The dress features a sweetheart neckline and leaves the area open for a statement neckpiece.

Since the dress is knee-length, your footwear is going to be visible. If you want to make a bold statement, try deep burgundy pumps made in either a velvet or suede material. The formal nature of the dress requires you to go light on the jewelry; however, you can certainly get away with a single attention-grabbing piece.

If you’re going for the maroon look, it is best if you keep the makeup natural, with a nice, nude lip, and let your hair hang loose to add a little bit of playfulness to the look. Finally, grab your handbag or clutch purse, and off you go! Find out more about the dress here.

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