Updating Your Fancy Dress Wardrobe? Here Are 3 Gorgeous Additions!

Are you updating your fancy dress wardrobe? What an exciting project! Fancy dresses include evening, party, and dinner wear. Even though picking these dresses is generally a lot of fun because you can be creative and really showcase your personality, it can also get seriously tricky at times.

This is because you need to keep multiple categories of events in mind and pick dresses according. Often, dresses for certain types of events don’t go well with other types of events. For example, you’d never wear something you’d wear on a girl’s night out to a professional dinner, would you?

If you’ve been having a hard time deciding what categories you need dresses for, let us make it easier for you. Basically, you need dresses for three major types of events: formal, semi-casual, and casual. Here are three dresses that have left our jaws on the floor; one for each category.

Green Off-The-Shoulder Fitted Evening Dress—Jovani

We’ll start with this stunning green off-the-shoulder cocktail dress by Jovani. If you don’t already have a solid-color dress in your fancy dress wardrobe, this one is a classy and elegant addition. Bold, yet formal, the subtle teal-green of this dress is easy on the eyes and will do well for any evening party.

The dress is simply and formally put together, making it ideal for all the times you want to look bewitching, yet maintain an aura of candid professionalism, for example, during official dinners or evening parties hosted by your clients.

Since the dress does not feature embellishments, embroidery, or extra décor, there are many options to accessorize it according to your own tastes, preferences, and the nature of the event you’re looking to attend.

For example, if you’re looking to attend a party hosted by a client, you might want to keep things subtle and professional. An excellent idea would be to complete the dress with delicate, minimalist jewelry, preferably gold.

Another time, if you’re putting a look together for dinner with friends, you can bring out your personality and let the green pop by pairing it with surreal blue, creating an unforgettable peacock theme.

Interested in the dress? Find out more about it here.

Grey-Pink Floral Appliques Evening Dress—Jovani

Going to your first dinner date with this incredible person that you’ve been crushing on forever? We suggest you keep things pretty, subtle, and balanced. Show them that you made an effort—but the right amount of effort.

It’s important to bring forward the right side of your personality on the first date, because this is the day you set the right impressions—and also the expectations.

Want to show them you’re sensitive, caring, and have got a heart made of gold, yet are assertive, bold, and confident, all in the same dress? Try this divine grey-pink floral evening gown by Jovani.

Created with just the right balance of pink and grey, this dress is perfect for all the occasions where you want to look pretty fun but lead with confidence. This floor-length dress features a V-neck, an invisible back zipper, and is made of 100% polyester.

The grey floral appliqué gives the dress some much-needed oomph factor, making it the go-to for formal events and even for a friend’s wedding! Want to learn more about this dress? Read the full details here.

Gold Spaghetti Strap Sweetheart Neck Evening Dress—Jovani

You really want to let your inner goddess loose? Get your hands on the perfect dress for all the times you want to truly be yourself in your fun, spunky, sparkly, shiny glory! This super fun, super pretty dress by Jovani will be sure to make heads turn everywhere you go and keep all the eyes on you all night long!

Featuring gold spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neck, this dress is perfect for evening and night events when you really want to let your hair down, have some fun, dance, and take loads of pictures for the ‘gram. Be it a night out with your friends, a red carpet event, an evening date with your favorite person in the world, or a romantic dinner with your significant other, this dress will do the talking for you even before you open your mouth to speak. Its beaded bodice will also make it the perfect prom dress!

Since this dress is truly all about you, feel free to pair it with jewelry and makeup that you feel the most fun and confident in, put on your highest heels, grab your clutch purse, and you’re done! Buy the dress here.

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